Monday, June 23, 2008

Sherman Steals the Show

Mr. Peabody: Sherman, what did you do with the WABAC machine?

Sherman: It's in the high school auditorium. Saturday is the science fair, remember?

Mr. Peabody: But you can't enter something you haven't invented. It's got to be an original idea. Where have I gone wrong?

Sherman: You always say: Sherman set the WABAC machine for x, but I never get to set the WABAC machine.

Mr. Peabody: Sherman, you set the WABAC machine for prison. However' what good will that do anyone. It's your punishment...I mean er, learning experience to come up with your own individual science project. Don't borrow anyone else's ideas including mine. In the meantime I'll make the WABAC machine go back in time before you stole it.


Mr. Peabody: I'm so proud of you, my boy. A diorama of an ant eater, Myrmecophaga tridactyla. The termite mound of flour and salt is superb too.
Sherman: Go ahead!

Sherman: Look inside one of the termine mound windows!

Mr. Peabody: Why, there are wingback chairs and a Parsons table!