Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zac Zac Zac

Zac there you are with what we used to call medium length hair. He sings "The Windmills of Your Mind" on their latest album.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Parenthetical Girls

Parenthetical Girls entranced the Cafe du Nord tonight. The lead singer, who of course is named Zac, warmed up by shaking his booty while facing the drummer. He was wearing gold flood pants and a plum colored sweatshirt with "Downey" on it. Not the fabric softener, but the city of car dealerships in So. Cal. where "Go see Cal" sold cars and rode elephants. Zac's slightly sunken cheeks and high cheekbones were no doubt downy not that long ago. He has intense slightly sunken eyes, Rimbaud blue, and sensuous lips.

Zac sings in a trance-like state highly-emotional songs accompanied by two keyboardists while he plays the guitar. He sings very high, sometimes breaking into yodeling (hi Bow). He also heads into the audience and at one point out the side door into the alley - all this without an expensive Wayne-Newton-style gold cordless mic. At one point he played Bryce's table with a drumstick.
The songs were varied and though the band used to be all electronic/computer they are very live and alive now. One keyboardist also plays a mini glockenspiel. At one point Zac played the Melodica without the tube which was very erotic. His homoerotic lyrics included "I learned that two can fit into one" and "You look just like me." We bought a signed copy of their first pink album.
photos by Sarah Meadows

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have to restrain myself from spending too much money on my costume for the upcoming contest. Already I bought a plush Dalmatian slap bracelet at Walgreen's and it broke. I'll have to wear the Cinnabon and the houndstooth/pirate flag snap bracelets instead. The other iems I'll procure from the Dollar Store as Salty suggests except for a trip to the fabric store and perhaps Siegels for a leopardskin zoot suit .

Regarding past holiday financial disasters - while I was with my ex we went out on Halloween as Charlie McCarthy and Miss Ellie. He (Ellie) spent about 5 dollars and looked great. I spent 100.
Wat, honey, I assure you that is a Cinnabon.

Miss Ellie was, of course, the late Barbara Bel Geddes, daughter of the futuristic auto designer. It is perhaps no coincidence that in Vertigo Midge drives a Karmann Ghia, "the Volkswagen in a cocktail dress," designed by another forward thinking designer Ghia. When Johnny-O becomes obsessive-compulsive around the Jaguar-driving (thank you Junk Thief for the research) Madelaine then Midge goes Hedda Gabler on him - not with a piano but a self portrait. Midge is an industrial designer working on a bra "based on the principles of the cantilevered bridge."

Saturday, March 7, 2009


The smell of vinegar will soon permeate the Digdug household as we dye eggs getting ready for the first big event of of Spring the HJ contest in Dolores Park. Last year we saw a character from Dutch Cleanser come to life and of course Buddy the Duck was there in his butterfly 'n' bee jumper purchased by spendthrift Bryce at a yuppie baby store in the precious Noe Valley before the economic troubles really hit. We won't attempt a dress this year...unless something inspired by Boom!?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shellfish make lousy mascots

Purchasing Wheat Thins and string cheese at a corner store in North Beach near my home on Telegraph Hill the guy behind the counter had a Crazy Crab bobble head. This (former) S.F. Giants mascot was unpopular from the start. The clerk said people threw batteries at it on the field. What kind of batteries?

The latest mascot is "Lou Seal - need I say more? Crazy wears a minuscule batting helmet on his head. The disturbing part is that crabs don't walk on two legs. They have all sorts of legs, but not two. Don't they also walk sideways? In one of his claws he holds a baseball.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome Fancy Notions

Correct paella must be cooked in special pan called la paella which brings us to Ballarat, a ghost town in the Death Valley. Seldom Seen Slim was famous for his jackrabbit paella, but being a hermit, no one ever ate it but him. Leave a penny on his marker then venture out into the desert and the Salton Sea to see works by wonderful naif artists. Fancy Notions, newest member of our Algonquin Round Table, has photos.
The Round Table is graced again by Globality's film reviews. One day we must all play croquet at my country house on Santa Catalina island. Perhaps we can set up a sheet in the back yard and project (a real movie projector not a so-called "DVD" player) Myra Breckenridge and Arnold Stang movies.