Friday, June 6, 2008

Soulful Plea

Just as the Peanuts soulful plea to the egg hatched Mothra, my return to blogging was because of Junk Thief's post on typography. The "Angry Typographer" Jan Tschichold (no relation to the Hip Hypnotist) wrote a whole chapter on the dash. He said, "...a dash often conceals a thought, then one could imagine a book containing nothing but dashes. It is truly astonishing that neither the em-dash swindlers nor the ellipses-point swindlers have hit on the idea." Like the tilde and the umlaut, Jan was a special character. Greg wants to know how we feel about Helvetica. One remembers reading Art Forum's endless pages of double-spaced tiny sans-serif type. Certainly as cool as a Scandinavian modern living room (like Otto Preminger's New York penthouse) but ultimately —

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Breeng me thee egg...