Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cahiers du Cinema

My coffee table displays Giant and Regular Size Sundials From Around the World (crown folio, minor scratches) and several issues of Cahiers du Cinema. Here is Godard's top ten list for the year 1962 from "Godard on Godard" in Cahiers :

01. Hatari! (Howard Hawks)02. Vanina Vanini! (Roberto Rossellini)03. Through a Glass, Darkly! (Ingmar Bergman)04. Jules! et Jim! (Francois Truffaut)05. Le Signe du Lion! (Eric Rohmer)06. Vivre sa Vie! (Jean-Luc Godard)07. The Flaming Years! (Alexander Dovzhenko)08. Sweet Bird of Youth! (Richard Brooks)09. Une Grosse Tete! (Claude de Givray)10. Ride the High Country! [G.B. Guns in the Afternoon!] (Sam Peckinpah)