Thursday, July 3, 2008


Google "kitty" and the top hit will be Sanrio. Click that and Hello Kitty sashays towards you like Paula Abdul. You've come a long way, baby!

I first fell in love with her in a toy store in 1977. Sinatra did it his way, Doris Day did the "Que Sera Sera," and there, printed on a bright pink pencil holder was "I enjoy ring toss." Is there any better way to sum up life?

Kitty's MMOG is in closed beta test right now. You can catch a video tutorial before the release! Not having a mouth does not stop Hello Kitty from wearing a Madonna headset. Mothra does not have a mouth, well, she has mouth parts. I feel a poem coming on...

Twins sing to summon Mothra

Mothra swims to rescue twins

Tokyo radio goes on the fritz

Technically not a cocoon, but who counts

It's made from the finest silk

Out emerges our goddess

In her pipe-cleaner finery

Ravishing the world for love

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