Sunday, September 28, 2008

Me and Mrs. Dow Jones

A Rocky Face Man has won the MegaMillions and, as you see, he has a rocky face as well as a Gone Fishin' potholder. The check seems to be signed by someone named Margaret. Not John Beresford Tipton? Tipton, as you recall from the television show, signed a check for a million dollars and then dispatched his personal secretary, Michael Anthony, with the money. Perhaps Eddie Nabors will donate his check to Wall Street to "save the economy."
"It's important to remember that in the mid-1950s, one million dollars was an absolutely huge sum of money. Those were the days of penny candy and nickel sodas. It was the equivalent of someone winning a mega-lottery today!" - madabouttv.com
One of the restrictions on the million dollars was that the receiver could not tell anyone (except their spouse) where the money came from. Sound familiar Mr. Dow Jones? (cue Me and Mrs. Jones). Where is the money coming from?

The show's main roles were played by two of the great stentorian voices of Radio/Television:
Marvin Miller ....... Michael Anthony [Also voice of Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet]
Paul Frees .......... John Beresford Tipton (Voice) [also voice of Boris Badenov] Robby the Robot, sans Miller, appeared as a maid on The Banana Splits.

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Salty Miss Jill said...

I dunno...One! Million! Dollars! is a huge sum of money to me, too, these days.