Sunday, December 7, 2008

Der Bingle and La Bowie

Mouse put up the video of "Little Drummer Boy" by La Bowie and Der Bingle on her site. Don't miss Junk Thief's slide show of classic Christmas cards. They don't make them that way any more. My mother always read us stories of the mischievous Brownies. She was still snapping us with her Kodak Brownie camera all the way into the 70's. There is a Brownie Lake, the last "link" in Minneapolis' Chain of Lakes. The Brownies are the younger version of the Girl Scouts, though Palmer Cox's cartoon characters were all little men. Speaking of The Royal Tennenbaum's house on Archer Avenue, Palmer Cox' Brownie Castle in Quebec has a turret and a Brownie flag flying on top as well as a Brownie weather vane on the barn. (Okay, okay, the Tennenbaum's house at 144th and Convent has a cupola). I never been able to forgive the Girl Scouts for eliminating trans-fat from Thin Mints. I mean really, is nothing sacred? Of course the Girl Scouts don't have a problem with Lesbians unlike the Boy Scouts having problems with openly gay scouts. The Addam's Family line of promotional tie-ins manufactures "Thing Mints." I love both the Paul McCartney and John Lennon Christmas songs. Phil Spector's Christmas album is the greatest of all time. Mr. fake Afro can really produce...not withstanding his personal life being a disaster. "Let It Be" is my favorite Beatles album. I think an un-Spectorized version came out later. They should have let it be.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for dropping by the mouse and mentioning vid... it is a treasure - what a find!

a clarification about some of the brownies mentioned....seeing that I am a former brownie. brownies are girl scouts, just think of them as baby girl scouts ....the alternative to girl scouts are camp fire girls, I don't know if they have baby camp fire girls and if they do what they call them - kindling? my own scouting career however did end at the brownie level.... the whole organized scouting thing, well it is just too organized - although their position on relationships is to be commended unlike the boy scouts position which should be uniformly condemned.

here in cleveland the football team are the browns (what a ludicrous name for a sport team) at one time their mascot was a mischievous looking elfin brownie.... some brown fans want to bring back the brownie, but then other fans don't think brownies are tough enough. obviously these people have never met a real brownie - and like a mother armed with a kodak brownie, they can be mighty tough.

it is just plain wrong for the girl scouts to mess up their cookie formulas... and it's not only thin mints they are f**king up!

Bryce Digdug said...

mouse- I came up with the same realization - that Brownie's are first stage Girl Scout's and corrected the blog. The shutter on mom's brownie made a wonderful sound when it clicked. Don't camera's now just "imitate" the shutter sound electornically? I know phone cameras do.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Thanks for the promo. I love the holiday card slide show you posted as well. I'm not sure how That Girl ties into it, but I thought I'd post this link to Junk Thief's video take on the show seen you said you've not seen it.