Thursday, July 16, 2009

Slightly used upside down crown rib roast chandelier for sale

I spoke with legal this morning and they said that there is no trademark infringement problem with using "Crown" as the name of my new crown rib roast lighting fixture company because no one will confuse it with the German fork lift company. You see, I am accepting Digdug Cuckoo Clock Ltd.'s golden parachute of considerably less than GM's CEO's $10,000,000. I'll use my $500.16 parachute to buy a rib roast and rent a storefront. Well, at least a rib roast. A crown rib roast chandelier is the perfect compliment to crown molding.

Here are some actual German fork lift drivers. Even though I don't lift things (I have other people lift them for me) I have always been obsessed about the rules for correctly lifting something (with the knees). I'm sure I would be a ruined man if I lifted something incorrectly, so I don't bother to lift anything including a finger.

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