Friday, September 11, 2009

Late night radio show Volume I

This is DJ Digdug speaking to you from atop the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles. Yes, I've been hired to do a late night radio show. We'll be sharing our observations with you, spinning some LPs, taking calls, rapping about whatever you want to rap about and in general having a heck of a time. It's so great looking over the lights of Los Angeles. Over there is the old Hollywood Palace. I remember seeing The Holding Company there. The squares in the row behind me sure didn't like the long hair on those rock 'n' rollers. I think Buddy Hackett was on the bill that night too. His hair isn't exactly short. He doesn't talk like that in real life, you know.

It's so great to be broadcasting in the same place as Rodney Bingenheimer. Putting electrons of connection out to your radios where Elliot Mintz used to rap. Tonight I've got a whole selection of records to play. I wish I could describe to you the back cover of the MGM High Fidelity stereo recording (SE 39460C) of Carnival! with Anna Maria Alberghetti. Anna is snuggling with a green walrus puppet made of wool whose head is slightly larger than hers. The walrus' whiskers and nose are made from raw yarn. The rest of the puppet is shag carpeting. If you want any of this sheet music you can go to vintagemusicbooks. In the mean time, take care of yourself - dig?


LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Could I recommend that you add Tommy Joe White's "Polk Salad Annie" and some Evie Sands to your playlist?

Steve said...

Great show, Bryce. I think it's about time for some Gullivers People, don't you?