Friday, October 23, 2009

RIP Soupy

I was writing about how to use a tunafish sandwich to teach math, e.g. Pythagoras, and how mathematicians used to be philosophers, e.g. René Descartes. Then, I heard about the death of Soupy Sales and decided to write about that today. I think comedians can be philosophers too. Thanks to Pythagoras we can figure the area of half a tunafish sandwich. Thank to Soupy we have pies in the face and White Fang.


Steve said...

You just KNOW Descartes wasn't always thinking up smart things to say. He probably spent many a night sprawled on the sectional in his underwear watching Soupy guest-host on Carson. "Hehe, that Soupy," Descartes would mumble to himself, then nod off halfway through the second guest.

Anonymous said...

Soupy Sales seemed to be ahead of the times to a great extent with his show's format -- talking/joking with the camera, etc.; his re-runs are too funny