Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Manage an English Pop Group

I've been managing an English pop group called Razorlight. They will be performing at the V Festival in Weston-under-Lizard. Get your tickets now so I can get paid. Below is a pic of the car they tool around in. Pretty cool, huh? Here's a blurb from the V Festival's site "Compared to the hippy, spaced-out vibes of Glastonbury and the harder rock element of Reading, the event is positioned squarely in the mainstream - don't expect late-night communal parties round a bonfire." Razorlight is not mainstream. I am certainly not positioning them that way.


Steve said...

Did you design their website, too? 'Cause it rocks, mate!

Good job getting a prewar English saloon for the band, btw. When those are all gone, the U.K. will have to start importing its bands from Slovenia.

Bryce Digdug said...

Steve - the website starts with the video playing something web designers say is a no-no, but I love it! Now if I can just get the boys to improve their singing and their lyrics a wee bit. I've given them all copies of Leaves of Grass which may help. BTW my filmaking is very influenced by Wendy Kees a fictional character from my novel "How to Read an Equestrian Statue" who came to life. Here's a link to pictures of Wendy at a Diane Keaton fest.


Salty Miss Jill said...

They are muy guapo, if I do say so myself. I'd go if they played anywhere near Ogreville. Send 'em here, why dontcha?
I agree-great website!

Pete Simmonds said...

1 - point of accuracy. It's a post-war (1948) English Austin 16 saloon.

2 - I can say with some authority that Razorlight have NEVER been in this car. I know, because it belongs to me and has done so for a good few years.

Nice to know that you admired the car so much you made that bit up though.