Friday, November 13, 2009

Tiptoe through the tulip chairs

I was watching Three Days of the Condor for the 20th time last night and there was a gray IBM Selectric at the receptionists desk! Here is the platen again...reminds me of The Crawling Eye. The platen IBM Pavilion is designed by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen Associates. The Knoll tulip chair by Eero Saarinen beginning a long tradition of uncomfortable form-fitting chairs. I think there's still a Knoll store in San Francisco's Design District near the Transamerica Pyramid (speaking of 70's architecture). Muscular yet human


Steve said...

You'd better go check if that Knoll store is still there. It might have sucked into this churning vortex of Seventies-ness:

Carly Simon: I was privileged to hear Joni's (Mitchell) record in her car. We had lunch together in Los Angeles at The Ivy. Afterwards she said, "Would you like to hear my new album?" I said, "I would love to!" We sat in her car and listened over these fantastic speakers in some sort of amazing car, a Porsche or something very beautiful and very grand and very Joni.


Steve said...

might have GOTTEN sucked into, that is.....