Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Katherine Zeta-Jones for Portobello

Will Melanie become the spokesperson? Lincoln Continental, the biggest competitor to the 'bello is having a contest where the netizens the nettin prols get to choose which pop song will be the theme for the next Continental ads.

Since the sustainable, hybrid Chrysler Portobello (50 miles to the gallon and 5.95 a pound) is a neo-70's car and the Continental is more reminiscent of the excessive 80's the Portobello Division marketing department is trying to get Cat Stevens or 60s singer Melanie to sing the praises of the luxury car.

Here are the lyrics (take that! - Continental!)

ARTIST: Melanie Safka
TITLE: I've Got a Brand New Chrysler Portobello(You've Got a Brand New Key)
Lyrics and Chords
I rode my Chrysler Portobello past your window last night
I drove it to your door at daylight
It almost seems like you're avoiding me
I'm OK alone but you've got something I need, well
/ C - - - / G7 - - - / C - - - / F - G7 - /
/ C - / / / / F - / F FG7 / C - / /
I ride my bike, I roller skate, and I drive no car except the Portobello
Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far
For somebody who don't drive much, I been all around the world
Some people say I done all right for a girl
I asked your mother if you were at home
She said yes, but you weren't alone
Oh, sometimes I think that you're avoiding me
I'm OK alone but you got something I need, well


TarBabyJim said...

I was wondering when someone would use this Melanie song to sell cars.

If Melanie signed on to rerecord her song with the new lyrics, I'd be surprised. BUT, she IS a Libertarian these days so who knows? It would be an easy way to make a buck. I hate hearing songs that once had social meaning reduced to selling things (Beatle and stones songs for example).

Well Toto, it's not 1970 anymore.
Jim Baldwin

PS: I think Melanies song,"Look what they done to my song MA"

Look what they done to my Crystler

Look what they done to my car

Well, they striped it down and made it right

That's why I hyberdized now

Look what they done to my car

TarBabyJim said...

Well Bryce, I've been trying to find where I might vote for the "Brand new Key" promotion. Can you help me with a link? Thanks.

Bryce Digdug said...

Jim, you are so right that songs that once had a social meaning are now used to sell things on TV. Same goes for people who have passed away. I think I recall seeing a picture of some dead movie star selling an expensive watch. (Though time was obviously up for him!). p.s. you look snowed in.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

You might consider having Melanie team up with Cat Stevens to resurrect his early hit "Portobello Road":