Thursday, March 4, 2010

Theory of everything

When I asked the waitress at the Little A 'Le' Inn which theory of everything she subscribed to in she said, "I gave you everything and you et it all. Didja want and extra dill pickle? No charge"

"No, " I corrected, "I'm talking about theories that explain time, matter, space and the origin of the universe."

"Oh. You'd better spend the night then and ask them space aliens. Besides it's getting dark and you don't want to drive back to The Strip at night. You might hit a cow."

I stayed in one of the Inn's rooms, a double-wide that was quite comfortable. Spacecraft adorned the walls. There was a selection of video tapes for the VCR including The V.I.P.s, but I spent a lot of time outside watching the stars. The number of stars! I saw a satellite orbiting the Earth- way up there like a book mite making its way across the night sky dark as shale.
People have asked me where the steering wheel is on the Chrysler Portobello. There is no steering wheel. You steer by the seat of your pants.

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