Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is Deery Lou part of Blackforest Gothic?

There is a buck on the bottle. German kitsch is on the scene. Just about every other retro style has worn thin. This arrival of schwarzwaldkitsch didn't bother me. Just think of the increase in my cuckoo-clock sales, repair, and consulting. Alpine Village in Torrance serves as the hip place for movie stars to hang out. They order "brot," the hip way to say it. A.V. has a countdown clock on their site in case you were wondering the number of days until Octoberfest. Once the antler and fake-antler chandeliers are out of style won't we all look foolish! Our little lawn elves — out! Our fake log cushions — for sale at a typical San Francisco garage sale, that is, over-priced. They call them tag sales in the East, n'est-pas? Though we are keeping the Deery Lou products we own and, of course, any Troll dolls.

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