Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Predicting Colors

Sherman of Sherman and Peabody predicts these colors for 2009. (Courtesy Apartment Therapy) This brown was used on the accent wall in my hotel in New Orleans — Hotel Le Cirque on Lee Circle. The color in the upper left hand corner is the magic color. I discovered its magic whilst camping in Yosemite. I noticed a delicate weed, the fairy flower, in this hue, but of a lighter shade. By magic, I mean it partially transcends spiritual dimensions. There are many different interpretations and associations with this color, certainly a lot more than squash soup. It is a very clean and vibrant color. The interior of The Royal Tenenbaums mansion is this color. As Angelica Houston walks down a hall in her blue dress the reflection off her magic-colored walls changes it to purple. The French poet Arthur Rimbaud (pronounced Rim-bow) wrote a poem about the color of vowels.
Black A, white E, red I, green U, blue O- vowels, Some day I will open your silent pregnancies: A, black belt, hairy with bursting flies, Bumbling and buzzing over stinking cruelties, pits of night;
E, Candor of sand and pavilions, High glacial spears, white kings, & trembling cow parsley;
I, bloody spittle, laughter dribbling from a face in wild denial or in anger, vermilions;
U… divine movement of viridian seas, Peace of pastures animal-strewn, peace of calm lines Drawn on foreheads worn with heavy alchemies;
O… supreme trumpet, harsh with strange stridencies, Silences traced in angels and astral designs:
0 ... Omega ... the violet light of his eyes!¹
It is said that Rimbaud had synesthesia, or it could be he was a poet. Or it could be the absinthe. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. Careful: it was Verlaine's downfall. It is said Nabakov had synesthesia and Glenn Gould aussi. Angie Haggstrom writes of Gould on Helium.com: He found himself sensitive to the cold and constantly wore a warm tweed jacket and gloves, even in the hot weather of Sarasota, Florida. Once, Florida police arrested him for vagrancy. Rimbaud dressed in a top hat and tails as flies buzzed about his pomaded hair. He was arrested all the time for vagrancy and once for being a revolutionary. Whatever he went through it was grist for his poetry—and the colors of his mind—I mean windmills—I mean—


Salty Miss Jill said...

Thanks for giving synesthesia a plug here. We should all be so fortunate to be as blessed.
The 'brown' looks like gray on my monitor. Or maybe it's our own particular perceptions of that particular color.
We'll never know...

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Upper left - old color of my grand hallway
Upper right - current color of my grand hallway
Lower right - current color of my guest bedroom
Lower left - future color of my guest bedroom and hair.

By the way, I have been watching a lot of Godard lately and realize that he was a Helvetica terrorists. At least 40% of each of his films were made up of intertitles. He tended towards cold blue and hot red.

Bryce Digdug said...

I hear that brown as a gray.