Monday, October 27, 2008


Physicists foresee a utopia
(once they squint through micro-myopia)
where all of the forces of nature should
become unified and be understood.
Even in science, letting go is hard,
and notions are the hardest to divorce,
but, to reach there, they'll have to discard t
heir classical point-particles of force.

While Newton works large-scale, his physics fail,
and even Einstein's theories can't subsist,
when applied to the sub-atomic scale.
The answers they produce just can't exist.

Particle physics, in quantum foam, sank,
when its researchers walked the length of Planck.

-- James Ph. Kotsybar (c) 2008

Our poet is also known John Ph. Kennedy, founding member of Science Holiday. An early conceptual artist working in rubber stamps etc. , he now writes poems and breeds orchids. Thanks to Skot Armstrong for tracking him down. Can you find the Thunderbirds on Skot's site?

Speaking of quantum foam, the heliport atop my modest, three-story house on Telegraph Hill has been replaced with a small observatory. There, perched on my 50's tiki bar stool, I scan the skies on the one or two fogless nights we have here in San Francisco searching for signs.

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