Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sue Mutant Reacts to Jello Biafra

To negotiate doing Cuckoo clock set designs for Vogue, I visited Conde Nast in San Francisco. I bring this up because you may think the blond singing in this soft rock video is Meryl Streep (Streep does sing these days, mostly Abba); however, it's actually Sue Mutant of the Mutants (San Francisco mutation). I have used parenthesis twice! As the great typographer Tschichold said (I paraphrase here) parenthesis disrupt both the reader and the graphic design. The authority on grammar, Fowler, has nothing against the twin moons as long as they are used correctly. His stand on exclamation points is much different, but he was not the person who said they should only be used by schoolgirls passing notes.

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