Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Car That Jumped Over No Name Creek


Bright Silver Metallic
Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl
Deep Water Blue
Drk Titanium Metallic
Inferno Red Crystal Pearl
Additional cost may apply
Additional cost may apply
Stone White

Muscle cars are back,
my chiffon is wet.
Just when I thought 'troit was in trouble,
a car comes out that makes me torred,
even if the color is misspelled.
-B. Digdug

I saw a 2009 Dodge Challenger in front of the 500 Club (no, not Jim and Tammy). I must needs buy one with my new Hello Kitty credit card. Wait...I get it... "torred" is the type of red. Ha-ha. The 500 Club's sign used to say "Open 6:00 a.m." They added "Not." Ruins the feeling of desperation. Desperation and loneliness just like Vanishing Point's Kowalski.

The Challenger's colors remind me of Rimbaud's poem Voyelles.

A Black, E White, I Red, U Green, O Blue; Some day I'll crack your nascent origins.
A Hairy corset of clacking black flies bombarding agony pits of stench-ridden darkness;
E Frankness in steamers and pavilions, lances of lofty glaciers, white kings, shivering umbels;
I Purple red spittle, laughter of sweet lips turning to rage or into penitent raptures;
U Cycles, viridian seas divinely shuddering, peace in creature-sown pasture, and peace in furrows, alchemy sows in intellectual foreheads;
O The great last Trump full of strange stridencies, Silences crossed by a s trail of angels,

O, Omega, the violet beam of his gaze!


WAT said...

I am stoned, and this post is way too bizarre! FAR OUT THERE! Buy the Dodge for Christ's sake! BUY IT! We won't be making cars for much longer...

Bryce Digdug said...

This car is going to be a man-magnet.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Take WAT's advice - Buy it! These will be like the Avanti was in the final days of Studebaker -- an insane blast of excess before the company sank. I bet we could pick up a lot of Russian and Irish delivery boys in one. They wouldn't care about our gender, just the chance to be in a Challenger and to touch our hemi.

Steve said...

'Cuda, shoulda, woulda...