Sunday, February 21, 2010

Portobello Ponderosa

The Portobello is back from the shop - its brake in full working condition. Yes, I said brake singular for the 'bello has only one wheel. The car gives me such a feeling of freedom. Though it is difficult to drive by oneself since it normally uses party steering, I raced east up Highway 80, stopping at the Pollack Pines Safeway for some celery, mushrooms, tomatoes and green goddess dressing, and then on to Incline Village, I mean the Ponderosa Amusement park to tip my hat to Pa and the boys. Ponderosa would be a great name for a truck n'est-ce pas? Alas, it is only a horse trailer. After viewing the park (it took two days to see all the attractions) I was off to Area 51, zooming across the Nevada desert at full speed, the high chaparral blurring out the window.

The road sign NV 375 gave me a chill even though I do not believe in extraterrestrials. I was hungry and needed to refuel the Portobello. The vision of a saucer shaped car parked outside of the Little A'Le'Inn had UFO buffs come running out of the restaurant. I think this is where the rumor started that the American car industry may be in trouble here, but is doing fine in other galaxies.

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