Saturday, December 17, 2011

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

Saw The Birds yesterday at the Castro theater. One of my favorite in-jokes is when Mitch is tending to Melanie's scalp wound from a seagull with a bottle of antiseptic and Melanie asks "What is that?" Mitch replies, "Peroxide."

This is the first viewing where I realized that Patty, I mean Melanie's father is a San Francisco newspaper owner. Now prankish daughters of socialite newspaper owners are an interesting subject. We learn that Melanie misbehaved in Paris (don't all debs and sub-debs do that?). I might point out that when Mitch's twee neighbor in San Francisco tells Melanie that Mitch is out of town in Bodega Bay she asks "Where is that?"

There are two reasons why Melane should know where Bodega Bay is
  1. She is a socialite.
  2. She works for Travelers Aid
But I gues the audience needs to know where it is.

The only two excellent actors in the movie are Veronica Cartwright and Jessica Tandy. Tippi tries, and Rod looks confused. But Rod will later triumph in V.I.P.'s

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