Thursday, December 22, 2011

Burl Ives Toby Mugs

Christmas is almost here and the Amish are working their fingers to the bone to create these delightful Toby-style mugs. What a delight to drink your grog and your nog out of Burl Ives head! Collect all eight Burl Ives Toby-style mugs crafted with old Amish workmanship: Frontier Burl, Reb, Dixieland, Sea Captain, Bum, CIA Agent, Bowler-hatted Brit and, of course, Big Daddy. Each mug smokes a cigar. The handles are very durable - Rebs even looks like a tree branch, though the others are unimaginative. Order now from the Bryce Mint and a buggy will pull up to your house Christmas morning. Cheers!

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